comcast says i didn't return equipment

Write down the serial numbers they have on file. Comcast says it’s a small issue. Well honey, I work for an attorney’s office and I will gladly battle your a$$. Been with Comcast for over 13 years never an issue. >In my experience, cable companies and internet providers could not care less about their old equipment. Add Comment. How to Cancel Comcast & Return The Equipment; Self-Installation: Spectrum Internet, In-Home WiFi and Voice. There are so many people screaming that Comcast has become tone deaf. I am 100% I did since it took me awhile to get to the library to return that stupid book. Wish I would have known that before being on the phone for 4 hours. Based on Comcast’s history with me-I wouldn’t trust anything that this Company-says. Comcast says the caller will pretend to be a Comcast agent and ask for account information or state your IP address is compromised. DISH informed me that I would have to pay $400 to leave. Then it claimed I received service for 30 days. I was a customer of Dish Network for almost 10 years. A week later, Dish Network sent me two boxes in which I was to return two receivers. My employer fired me on Monday, asked for my badge, cell, iPad, briefcase, and chargers. These days, you have to show up in person to make any type of change to your account. My company says I didn’t return their property on my last day. Even though I never got Comcast's service, they decided to charge me $325, and they've since sent it to collections. Wish I had just returned it via UPS the UPS store has awesome customer service. Or gone to the knapp corner location.The person that assisted us would not introduce himself said maybe two words and just kept typing on the computer. The Comcast … Im still getting billed for service a month after I changed from business landline to cell service. DISH is unreasonable and unwilling to waive the fee. Me: Here’s this stuff I was told to turn back in. Vanessa says the way they work is that Att pre pays Directv. If so have them send you a refund and then pay att the money they say you owe. If this modem does belong to Comcast, they need to take it up with the previous customer who didn't returned it. He assured me it wasn’t common, that Comcast replaces millions of boxes every year without incident. Word to the wise, comcast will not activate a self owned modem if you have a static ip address. They will … Dish no longer has HBO or the RAI Italian stations. Return of Equipment. Me: Just cutting back. How to return We want to make equipment returns as easy as possible during this uncertain time. For Comcast, your screams and your cries are not heard anymore. I’m using FiOS and I’m on my third modem now in less than 2 years at this address. 1. Remote Control and Cable Box. Have talked to Them: I can save you another $20/mo. I returned all of my gear and i just received a bill for almost $1100. Find a Comcast Service Center or Xfinity Store location near you - we'd love to see you. * Another Comcast Scam! And they would much rather charge you than have that old remote back. Gone are the days where you could make a phone call and a service man would come to your house to fix your problem. I tried to switch to either Comcast or Direct TV. Their story changed over time. by Steve Rhode. Get answers to your questions on receiving a refund from Comcast here. Now What? The equipment was sent via UPS with tracking number on July 26. Then they told me exactly what equipment I had to return and what I had paid for that was now considered mine. You can also bring your equipment to The UPS Store, where a UPS representative will pack and ship your equipment back to us. Today, January 29, 2010, nearly 6 … Comcast Claims We Didn’t Return a Cable Box Six Years Ago. Me: Great! "I read the paragraph [from the letter] to her again and she didn't care. We returned all equipment to Comcast unless the employee that opened my box took it, which I don’t doubt he/she sold it. – Sheryl. Comcast customer service has such a bad reputation, but you will get caught if you pull anything on the phone with a customer. I didn't know I needed a receipt. I returned both receivers on 8/25/2009. The service rep said she remembered me and that I did not return the modem. Upon termination of the Services for whatever reason, you must return the Equipment, undamaged, within 21 calendar days to AT&T. First, Comcast claimed I didn't return the receiver. Unfortunately I don't have a receipt for a return so I will likely get stuck paying for something that someone in their facility has. Guaranteed many boxes won’t be shipped, self installations will be screwed-up and Comcast will somehow make a fortune on this so-called upgrade. In August of 2009, I moved discontinuing my services with them. Now the library says I didn't return their book and I … I don't see how after buying it, I should just hand it over to Comcast. Call Directv and see if you have a credit on your account for the amount of the equipment. Written by Steve Rhode “Dear Steve, I was a comcast customer Years ago. Got the “below”email from Comcast yesterday morning. Even someone I know who … Went in to this store to return old equipment (received new). Learn about replacing your equipment now to get the most out of your Xfinity service. Comcast Corporation (NASDAQ: CMCSA) launched the second round of Comcast RISE, an initiative created to help strengthen and empower small businesses hard hit by COVID-19. 59 reviews of Comcast Service Center "It couldn't be more difficult to switch your account name, service, and return broken and unused equipment if you don't own a vehicle. I’m ready! I just returned a telephone modem last week - in person. Related Articles: Comcast customers will soon have Netflix access from their cable box. “You are honestly the first reporter who has called about this,” said Charlie Douglas of Comcast public relations. 8 years ago. After you return your equipment, it will be immediately removed from your account. Comcast is so bad even collection agencies are dropping them. We understand you may not be able to leave your home, so many of our return options are no-contact. Visit us at a Comcast Service Center or Xfinity Store. Them: Internet only will be $76/mo. They are saying that I did not turn in my gear. I called and got no satisfaction from the agent I spoke with so I ask for a supervisor. I've spent many, many hours on the phone with Comcast with no result. Disconnected our U-verse account 0n May 26, AT&T required to send boxes for the return of receivers and gateway but these boxes were not received until late July. Comcast didn’t pay those so called “right of way” fees from 2016 until 2019, but began paying them last year – apparently under protest. "She said there is no way Comcast would refund my $110 until I returned the old modem," he says. Xfinity For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript. Drop off your equipment at any Comcast Service Center or Xfinity Store. Them: So sorry service didn’t work out… yada yada. Hi, Okay, last Friday I returned this book. Received a bill for missing euipment for a total of $648. I then switched to AT&T. If the Equipment is not returned within 21 calendar days, or is returned damaged, you will be charged for the value of the Equipment. Thanks! 28 thoughts on “ Comcast sneaks in back-door rate increase by increasing “equipment charge” ” Pingback: The State of the State - Page 3 jik Post author January 13, 2012 …but apparently in some cases these modems do fail, a lot. What can happen if you say you returned all company property after being terminated, but the company says you didn’t? In store. First things first, ask Comcast what equipment they have on file as you owning and write it down. There are countless stories online to back that up. Come on, bring it ON! Unreturned equipment fees are the bane of any Comcast cord-cutter. Dish Network - DISH PROFITS FROM POOR EQUIPMENT RETURN PROCESS. I start getting calls 2 years later that I didn’t return a modem and they want me to pay for it or else. I got a call from one agency about a Comcast bill that I "didn't pay". She is a liar and I will say that to her face.

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