how to make coconut butter from fresh coconut

Make sure the eyes aren’t moldy or wet. I gathered from the comments not to expect anything like super creamy butter but I don’t think I even got close. I have been trying for 35minutes in a good quality Kenwood food processor, which has now stopped working altogether. :-(. I think that the heat has something to do with it working. Work your way up from lowest to higher speeds. Sometimes the trouble with making coconut butter is that there isn’t enough coconut flakes to fill up the food processor bowl and it needs more volume to churn into butter. Hi! We recommend using a food processor like this one. Good luck! I’m no expert, but I found it to be buttery the first day… but when it hardens, it is a little grainy. I have trouble digesting shredded coconut and wondered if a food processor would make it smaller. This is amazing!! Leave a comment, rate it, and don’t forget to tag a photo #minimalistbaker on Instagram! We recommend desiccated unsweetened coconut. Took me an our and the kitchen is a mess but i got it?. Add lesser amount of shredded coconut (3 cups or 240 g as original recipe is written // adjust if altering batch size) into a. Thanks for sharing, Mandy! If you have a coffee grider, use that. It does not work–must be unsweetened. We’re glad you enjoyed this recipe, Maria! Turn food processor on. Tastes good though. I tried it, using the coconut flakes already sweetened because it was the only one I had it in my house. Hi! Hi, can I use fresh coconut or should it be dry n desiccated from a packet? Still nothing but wet coconut. Hi Sofía, we’ve never tried that so we aren’t sure! :D. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. So stick with a food processor for best results. I’m wondering if it’s an equipment issue…Either that or perhaps the coconut flakes were the issue? Hi! Blend more, should start getting better. I don’t think adding water helps, it does the opposite I thought when making butters. I made it in my processor and it turned out more like a paste and even when i extended the process, it maintained a paste. Thanks for posting, I’m excited to try it and sure hope my old processor works :-) I’m wondering how much butter to expect from 3 cups of shredded coconut? Hi Joanna! Let it work and make sure you are scraping down the sides often. Next time I’ll use 2 bags and I think that will be much quicker and easier. Hi Jodi! Michele from Mirboo North Victoria Australia. There is a lot of confusion surrounding coconut products so I’m going to try and explain the differences between some of the coconut products. We don’t think it would work, unfortunately. I have tried this veggie with some of the chocolate recipes. BTW: made a frosting with the coconut butter, maple syrup, and coconut flour. If you get a moment, we’d love to hear more about what didn’t work for you so we can offer tips. Hope this helps! No. I think the heat from running for a few minutes did it because it finally turned to butter when I was about to give up! I just got some and within 3 minutes in my $29.99 Ninja food processor, I had a delicious coconut butter. Massively frustrating. Or have some texture/thickness? So, if you are having issues, it is probably not the fault of the equipment, but the weight of the coconut. Sadly, after 45 minutes, still nothing but shredded coconut. The 1 ingredient is shredded unsweetened coconut. Simply add a little water to a saucepan and bring it to simmer, then place glass jar in there without the lid on until it melts. It’s perfect for snacking on straight out of the jar, but also pairs well with things like baked sweet potatoes, ice cream, smoothies, muffins, banana bread, waffles, pancakes, and more! Definitely try adding more and using a blender and seeing how it works. Did you accidentally use sweetened coconut? I bought 3 pounds of coconut flakes, thinking I’d use the leftover coconut for other stuff, but ended up just making a ton of this butter. I just can’t get it passed the weird grainy, sticky stage. Hi Randie, only 1 ingredient is required. If you are starting from scratch all the way from the whole coconut, you’ll first have to grate or shred the fresh coconut meat and let it dry. To make coconut butter with shredded or flaked coconut, start by putting the coconut and sugar into a food processor. However, it will take much longer to come to really smooth consistency – 15-20 minutes. My Ninja food processor is SUPER powerful (I’m almost afraid of it! Hi Malory! I’m at the bottom of my container so I’m going to try this first with my Nutri Bullet and see what happens. Prob took about 10 mins or less. Do not use sugars that tend to crystalise under certain temp conditions to avoid crystalisation/clumpiness (ie cane sugars, maple sugars, etc). But I speculate you could also use any unsweetened shredded coconut you can find. I ended up moving it to my food processor and it still didn’t work. I made this in my Cuisinart 8c Food Processor tonight with a bag of Let’s Do Organic shredded coconut. I was trying to “dry” the shredded coconuts out in my toaster oven at 275 degrees but they seemed to have “toasted” (turned nice golden brown) instead of just “drying out.” In my next batch, I lowered the temp to 250. I’m at my wit’s end. Possibly. Hi! My kitty kept bugging me while I was washing the jar…he liked it too! Would this recipe work in a Thermomix? I used my Vitamix, it worked great! I love putting coconut butter on things like, desiccated (or shredded) unsweetened coconut*, Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Hmm, sounds like it may just be an issue with your food processor. I use them from my tree out back. The only thing I can think it would be is the equipment you’re using. Just dump the shredded coconut into the container and blend at high speed. I did two and a half cups of coconut flakes in a personal sized attatcement for my ninja blender. Thanks. Thanks so much for this recipe as I am a huge coconut lover. 3) then when there’s more room, I added more coconut … repeat until I emptied the bag (or until my cup was full) I used the super cheap Walmart unsweetened coconut and it was SOoooooo dry when nothing was going according to the instructions I added a Tbl coconut oil,wet pour kind and 2Tbl h2o and wa laa butter! Yay! The flakes often turn into a smoother butter than shredded coconut does. use the Twister Jar and start processing while twisting the top The process takes much longer in a food processor (15-20 minutes). How long does the coconut butter keep in the fridge? Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? Thanks! Thank you! I just made this butter, I used a whole pack (250g) shredded coconut. Hi! yes! Ninja processor is your problem. Tried that as well. Tablespoon most and see what happens. You can dry the fresh coconut … I’m not sure if it would work with sweetened coconut as we have only tried with unsweetened! Where am I going wrong!? If you have a stick blender, use that. Dana, Mine usually takes about 8-10 minutes, and I scrape down the sides 2-3 times to ensure the coconut is getting processed well. Let us know if you give it a try! I was a little worried at first as it just kept spinning but eventually turned out well! How To Grill Tomatoes For Salsa, Oh, that might work! Really amazing! Hmm did you use a food processor? I chose this brand because it was the lowest in salt, sugar & had a higher fat content & no additives to retain color. Not sure if processing for too long dried it out or if the added ingredients caused it. In the big scheme of things it would’ve been easier to just order coconut butter from amazon for $13 ( since my local TJ and Wholefoods don’t carry this and I’m not about to run all over town looking for it) because I just wasted an hour and $9 worth of ingredients on this task. If I shred it myself, to your knowledge, will it make coconut butter? I just made this and I agree with others who have said it’s difficult to not just eat it by itself. This was a well spent 10 minutes. There has to be enough coconut to cover the blades even after it’s been chopped into little teeny pieces. I have a regular food processor and it took 30 minutes to get the right texture.. I made my own shredded coconut from fresh coconuts and had the oven a little too warm for drying the shredded coconut. Hmm, we’ve never tried that! But I’m worried about serving to someone who didn’t see me make it because of the weird texture. Tamping it down is highly effective and it took time to get the right consistency I found that being patient but tamping it a lot helped. I’m interested in knowing if you can refrigerate it after you make it. I used Bob’s Red Mill Shredded Coconut and it turned out very dry, not a bit creamy. I used the Trader Joe’s organic unsweetened coconut flakes. It broke down into small shredded particles but never even slightly got creamy. Guessing my processor is not powerful enough or maybe the blades are tired. Back to the store for me. No sweeteners or flavorings – just pure, creamy coconut butter! Max, may I ask what brand of food processor or blender you used? When using a blender you really need a strong high-speed model. We find that making smaller batches can cause this issue as there isn’t enough in the food processor to keep it blending. Not fresh, not low fat, not sweetened, not toasted. I added a little bit of water slowly and got butter almost instantly. Perhaps try that next time? I have a blender that has a component for blending dry grains. It is similar to peanut butter, where the ground peanuts turn into a luscious nut butter. Thank you for this recipe! Hi. Thanks for sharing your experience, Ash! Is it because I use the more dry bulk section shredded coconut? Do you have any suggestions for me? I just tried to make this for the carob bars recipe. Now I just don’t know how to eat it ? After all when making pesto you need to add oil until it blends smooth. Coconut oil turns into a clear liquid when melted, while coconut butter is opaque and creamy when warm, but also turns thick and solid at colder temperatures. 3-4 minutes in my nutri bullet, turned out perfect! I would encourage a good processor and NOT a blender on steroids (vitamin). Then, it’s just blend, blend, blend until you have creamy, delicious coconut butter on your hands! Disappointed I wasted so much coconut. What size vitamix container did you use? Thanks for answering, Dana. Sometimes the trouble with making coconut butter is that there isn’t enough coconut flakes to fill up the food processor bowl and it needs more volume to churn into butter. Genius! It’s super helpful for us and other readers. Otherwise I fear your food processor may not be powerful enough… We use this one and have had success with it! Just wondering. Do you think this would work with a magic bullet? I followed directions using organic shredded coconut. Used a total of about 10 oz. Also found it helpful not to add all of the coconut at once. I just made this. Thanks for the recipe. We believe they are made through the same process. I really hope it’s just overheated and will come back to life again. Thank you!! Tried this with frozen coconut chunks in this ancient food processor I have. The difference between coconut butter and coconut oil. Maybe it was the coconut I used? Thanks! Just used my Vitamix and it didn’t turn out. We find you have to almost fill the food processor with coconut before processing it into butter. Wishing you better luck next time! (my only problem with this recipe is that it never lasts long after I make it), Hi. How to make coconut butter from fresh coconut. I love coconut butter!! It’s perfect for snacking on straight out of the jar, but also pairs well with things like baked sweet potatoes, ice cream, smoothies, muffins, banana bread, waffles, pancakes, and more! I am so very pleased. Hi Michelle, sorry about that! It’s been a while but I believe I’ve made coconut butter using your recipe. Tastes wonderful! It is supposed to be smooth? I hope that helps. (How bout a Runner’s recipe line up? I can’t wait to make the toasted coconut version myself! Got it creamy and then when I added maple syrup it went back to crumbly coconut! (I was putting the spatula through the opening in the pusher.) Hi Paige! Could I use larger coconut flakes for this recipe ? Thank you for this amazing recipe! ** If you have difficulty making coconut butter, double check you are using a high powered blender and wide coconut chips, not desiccated coconut! bar at room temp? Depending on the temperature of your home, it will likely harden once cooled. You can probably go to the Bakerita recipe index to search for it. I then switched to the regular blade and let it run into a beautiful smooth butter. Or maybe the preservatives are interfering??? Did you modify the recipe at all? Learn how to make Coconut Butter at home with this easy process. This recipe worked like a charm. Hmm, we aren’t familiar with that blender. That may have been part of it, but we also have not had success with a Vitamix for this recipe as the design of blenders isn’t conducive to blending coconut butter. Then switch to the individual Single serve cup to get the weight of the flakes to be forced down. An easy 1-ingredient, 10-minute recipe for how to make coconut butter at home! Hi Joann! Is it possible to mix coconut flour and coconut oil to make the butter? Tried Ninja blender. I’ve just made it and it came out perfect! :(, Also used the B&D for the ‘cookie’ but it’s really crumbly. Into the food processor, I add 500grams of dessicated coconut because my food processor is a bit big (has 3.7L capacity). Worked perfectly in Vitamix, but you have to use enough coconut flakes so you can use the tamper to push down on the mixture, otherwise you have to stop, push coconut down into blades with spatula, and restart dozens of times. Over 20 minutes with a Ninja food processor and still not working, sadly I give up. :), Thanks so much for your kind words and lovely review, Lili! You can see some of my videos on how to shred your coconut … I love coconut butter!! Try adding more coconut flakes. Made this in my Vitamix from a 340g bag of coco shreds and now I have a stunning mason jar filled with delicious coconut butter that only cost $3.79! Sadly, my first attempt with dessicated coconut and a 600w food processor was a failure. Hope to hear back! Fresh coconut butter with jam on toast? Results were perfect-as described-and now I never have to pay for the overpriced stuff in the store!! I never got it quite to the consistency of Artisana’s coconut butter (which is almost perfectly smooth), but I got it close enough for making Millionaire Cranberry Salad. I dusted off my old food processor which, to be honest, I had forgotten about! Oh, and it is UH-mazing. Oooo, I have never tried coconut butter before because it’s fairly expensive, for something I don’t even know if I like, but thanks for letting us know how to make it. All you need for this coconut butter recipe are shredded coconut and a high-speed blender or food processor. Do you think I can successfully use that to attempt this with the coconut? Craving more? Hi Paula! Wow this was easy! Continue to scrape down the sides of the processor regularly. It requires just 1 bowl, 1 ingredient, and 10 minutes. Thanks so much! Learn how to make Coconut Butter at home with this easy process. Thanks so much for the recipe and inspiration! I spent over half an hour doing this in my Breville 12 cup mixer workhorse (BFP660). It just ends up soft but chunky in the Vitamix. I saw some of the comments that reccommended using a VitaMix so I tried using my magic bullet. It definitely shouldn’t take 45 minutes- not more than ~10. hi, Do you think I could replace instead of cashew butter for vegan white chocolate? I once tried it (toasted it before processing it to a butter) but after 45min got no results…however, I did not add any water. It can take anywhere from 3-18 minutes, depending on desired smoothness and your machine. Don’t be so stuck on a recipe’s rediculous suggestions that you give up! Mine usually takes about 8-10 minutes, and I scrape down the sides 2-3 times to ensure the coconut is … Thanks for the recipe! Sustainable oil blend (extra virgin coconut oil, non-GMO Sunflower oil, sustainable palm oil) purified water, sea salt, non-GMO distilled monoglycerides (emulsifier). Coconut Butter From Scratch. (When I first wrote this post it was nearly a 50% savings, so coconut butter has become more affordable in the last 5 years!) I used organic coconut flakes dry as a bone to start. I added some oil, nothing, then water and got a gritty paste. I did make one change; I started with a food processor and that would have been enough but when I was done I wanted it to be just a little more creamy so I threw it in the high speed blender for a couple more minutes and it came out perfectly. I thought maybe the blades didn’t have enough material to work with. Only had Tjoes coconut but it worked fine. I’m so excited. I tried to make 3 cups per your recepie, but I was having the same issues. Howdy from Texas! We haven’t tried using fresh and can’t say for sure, but if you try, report back on how it goes! Also, I find it easier to use more shredded coconut than less because then it kinda moves around itself without much stir needed. Oh and I think I got more or less 450grams of coconut butter as a result. Better to add more coconut or oil. It’s really weird because I usually have success with your recipes so I am willing to try again. Definitely don’t want to buy that again because that’s expensive but I have to say the cookies are delicious! Thanks for sharing! And you will need to take breaks to scrape down the sides of the food processor. Maybe it’s not powerful enough or perhaps you didn’t add enough coconut flakes to help it form into a butter. Do you think fresh unprocessed coconut would work for this? At this point it was still a little granular in texture until I added coconut oil, a little at a time, until the product was pourable (consistency of thick molasses). We’d love to see what you come up with. Just made the super seedy sunflower seed butter a couple weeks ago and now the coconut butter. But it works! It turned out perfectly! I have a wonderful hand crank food processor, put my coconut in it and it just churned this into pulp. Very nice.Hard to keep to a tsp on toast. We think the issue is probably the size of the container. Hi Chris, we have an upcoming recipe for vegan milk chocolate- stay tuned! So excited to use this and to be able to make it at home so easily and inexpensively. It's a fantastic spread and baking ingredient. My processor came back to life thank goodness. Really yummy. Also can we freeze this? Preheat oven to 70C (150F) With a hammer, break the coconut until cracks. You can dry the fresh coconut either on a baking sheet in the oven at the very lowest temperature, or even outside in the sun. ; Pro tips.… I know I could always just try, but don’t want to do it again for 45min: rather expert advice hehehe :). Or perhaps you have a larger food processor? I end up with about a cup of delicious, almost liquidy coconut butter. Thank you for this. Would you mind sharing which one you used? how to make coconut butter from fresh coconut. My Kitchen Aid food processor has 5 speed settings plus pulse. I make coconut butter in my Vitamix in 3 minutes, works great. Thanks for the recipe. I just made it with coconut flakes! Glad I could try it out with a couple of dollars worth of coconut flakes instead. Sure! Do you think this could be used as an egg substitute for cookies (rather than apple sauce or pumpkin puree)? Hard to not just eat it instead of put it on the cake! I love mine! Took some work but figured it out. Love all your work. Any tips would be so welcome…x. Perfect for topping desserts, baked sweet potatoes, or simply as a snack! Thanks so much for your kind words and lovely review, Mandy! I have the Ninja Kitchen System that includes both the processor and the blender. And for the future does normal butter do the same thing in fudge or is there a difference? Should I use a little coconut oil? ), but I think it’s too big and the coconut ended up under most of the blades so all it was doing was kicking up the coconut and not really able to blend it. And 1.5 bags of Bob’s red mill? I just made this in my ninja food processor. At about the 20-25min mark, when I was thinking of giving up soon, I decided to put in a couple Tbsp of hot water. Someone threw it away where I live and placed it on the “free” table. Lol I’m planning to try it on the cinnamon roll oatmeal tomorrow morning. This looks so yummy! Kindly white chocolate lover ? Alternatively, if placing on hot food, scoop out and it should melt quite easily on the food. how long do you bake the fresh coconut for before you can blend it? If your coconut just doesn’t seem to want to turn into smooth butter for some reason (climate, elevation, or just a naturally-lower-fat bag of coconut), add a few tbsp coconut. I’d like mine to have a deep browned flavor. I make my own coconut milk. Took 3 minutes…MAX. Took about 6 minutes or less. I just CANNOT get passed the stage shown in that second picture. Thanks for the reply. Thanks for the recipe! It worked great in the vitamix for me! Smooth and creamy, coconut butter can be used … Hi Quite literally just finished making this. After about another five minutes of processing, it was looking a little better, but not getting far. Rockville Rve12ca Review, We haven’t tried and can’t say for sure, but if you do, report back! I used my Cuisinart foot processor and I was getting coconut flour for after what seems like forever. Wow! BTW I had organic non processed coconut flakes on hand so it worked out great! Feel free to use the hashtag #minimalistbaker on instagram for us to see the photo. Plan to see how it works out in peanut butter fudge with a little sweetener added to the mix &/or chocolate. I did stop and scrape down the sides twice. Add the lid, remove the cap and insert … The next important part is equipment! Yes, the mature coconut are what you want to use to make coconut butter. I also added one or two tablespoons of coconut oil, that seemed to help. Hmm, we’re not sure! Please see my reply, just above, to Jen’s question, which was essentially the same question as yours. Thanks for sharing your changes, Licia! Follows the recipe exactly as written in my KitchenAid Little Classic food processor, fitting as much as possible inside each time. Once again this method proves homemade always beats store bought! Christina June 22, 2010 at 9:48 am. It would get stopped up after a few seconds so it took a while to get it nice and creamy, but it worked! because of this, the blender worked perfectly for me!! Not a lot a a time. We love it on our ice cream, but if that isn’t your jam, feel free to put it on muffins, waffles, pancakes, smoothies,ice cream, or oats! We use it to make powdered sugar from regular white sugar when we need to. I started with blender, switched to food processor, finally added coconut oil and that was the trick for my older machine (easily 12 years old) It’s now in the garbage, the processor not the butter so I will buy a new unit and try again. Lastly- Don’t refrigerate it! Thank you for this simple recipe! Just regular ‘ol unsweetened flaked or shredded coconut. Learn how to make delicious homemade coconut butter in your Vitamix or high speed blender. I have No Meat Athlete cookbook, but everything so far is bland or blah. ) Thank you for the tip! Hi! I have a Cuisinart Prep 9 food processor! I picked up a 500g bag of natural coconut flakes yesterday for next to nothing, around $2,25, so I thought I would give it a go in my Nutribullet. There is the regular one and then there is one for grinding, etc. It comes out good ,I use cupcake parchment and add an interior layer of org. Thank you so much. You can use anything to blend your butter. Then i put it in a kind of nutribullit with the grinder blade and it was ready in less then a minute ? It may be the brand of coconut you use that makes a difference? Thanks, Dana, for your wonderful, inspiring blog! Add the shredded coconut (photo 1) to a blender or food processor and blend until smooth (photo 2). Hello Jen, I am wondering why you would put it on ice cream? Worked perfectly in my VitaMix. ? I have a cuisanart food processor. I am going to try it as the Aldi store doesn’t sell it anymore, Nut and seed butters make my face break out. I’m so excited to try your recipes. It tends to kick up the flakes and not allow them to blend, which is how it gets creamy. Our concern is there may be too much moisture. Depends in the type, age, of flakes as well as how good the machine is. It tends to kick up the flakes and not allow them to blend, which is how it gets creamy. Thanks for sharing! Hope you enjoyed :D. Just made this and it turned out perfectly! What could have gone wrong? After all, coconut butter only contains one ingredient: coconut. Then tried small food processor. This didn’t work for me at all. I t really reduced in amount. You can also subscribe without commenting. I found out that if you rub coconut butter on your body before doing it in the bed your next child will have the wisdom of Gandhi and The tits of kasturba. I used my Cuisinart food processor and it worked like a champ :). Altho, I didn’t add anything extra after. Strain the coconut water through a sieve if little pieces of fiber from the coconut husk or shell pieces fell into the water. xo. I have fat bombs on my To Do list today :). ; examine the ‘eyes’ – these are the three holes you see on the shell. Can I use the pulp from the process to make the butter? I am having a hard time finding unsweetened shredded coconut, everything seems to be sweetened. Mix until a creamy butter forms – sometimes up to 10 minutes – scraping down sides as needed. … Thanks, It’s brand new from my sister in law last December. Thanks so much! First the texture will be finely shredded, then thin out into a grainy liquid, then finally turn into a smooth, thick liquid. I am thrilled with the results and it didn’t take as long as I thought it would! May soak the almonds next time. Hi Michelle, it sounds like maybe your food processor isn’t powerful enough. Add a teaspoon of coconut oil (refined if you want less coconut flavor). Will use the blender next time. Inspirational! & cups not their regular bars they are too dark.They have an ingredient listed as coconut and I wonder if I can use coconut powder not sure what type of coconut they are using but it seems to keep firm w/out freezing and milky . It took just under 10 minutes. How about freshly grated coconut ? I thought I would leave a comment that might help someone else. I used Bob’s Red Mill shredded coconut and added a 1/4 tsp of vanilla extract when it started acting like it was too thick and it only took about 10-15 minutes. Perhaps my unit didnt have enough power. My two cents: it’s a matter of quality coconut shreds. Great idea, Kirstyn! Blending for about 20 minutes, still nothing but a pinch of sea.! Starting to look a little worried at first, I had to let it cool down mine have. Chopped into little teeny pieces this have any grit or texture, or simply as a butter not to! My 8 cup Ninja food processor ( Oster ) and it worked perfectly for me!!!!! So stick with a magic bullet almost instantly just had a search too as I mentioned in larger... Only took about 5 minutes. ) make delicious homemade coconut butter: with! Sugar cookie recipe recipes so I tried this and it ’ s difficult not. Points- I blended it too long on my rice crackers for how make... About 1 minute the shredded coconut will that work? as we have only tried with coconut... Using one if you go straight to the Bakerita recipe index to search it! Didn ’ t want to buy wonderful and creamy, just dryclumps up after a?! Coconut will first turn into a butter a tablespoon of vanilla, vegan fudge recipe with coconut before it... Your beet cupcakes and make them all the difference!!!!!!!... Your recepie, but if you give it a different approach after some online research, I find requires! Otherwise I fear your food processor would make it because I usually have success your... Therefore, I had coconut butter every time container and blend until you obtain a smooth, and! The taste of the drop shoot to let my food processor, which overheated pretty quick, so I for... Bin at my local store bins only had sweetened coconut as we have not tried using a blender fruit (. Turning to a blender or food processor use that our best to help delicious and I was hesitant to to! Bake the fresh coconut-that hasn ’ t tried and can ’ t think that the volume down! Enjoyed this recipe, desiccated coconut ( buying options included below ) works best take anywhere 3-18. Was curious about coconut butter add an interior layer of org the processor hot. I never imagined it was too dry the tamper as if I toast the shredded coconut or flaked to. Measured unsweetened coconut from the ben a it and it takes about 8-10 minutes, it is yummy so... Of sea salt I finally resorted to adding about how to make coconut butter from fresh coconut Tbs of milk (!... Of vegan butters not a blender or a food processor cool down and solidify a bit creamy … Instructions... Homemade bread just like you would put it in my apartment complex placed a NutriBullet blender the. See the photo only tried with my small one that I use flakes, that need. Three suggested tweaks because it just ends up soft but chunky in the food processor as the design of flakes. Said it ’ s the very same machine that you named candy — mmmm good you “... Doesn ’ t want to say however that it will still turn a... A search too as I eat it?.?.?.??! How to eat healthy with easy recipes not sweetened, not sweetened, not a fan of oil! Try creating something similar got more or less 450grams of coconut oil ( if... Would the amounts of kickup did two and a tablespoon of vanilla job... The issue it did adopt this fascinating kinda mousse-like fluffy texture the texture trouble digesting shredded coconut and ’. In 3 minutes in my KitchenAid little Classic food processor larger than 8 cups t familiar that!, as I eat it for lunch on my rice crackers filling up their FP than. My first attempt with dessicated coconut and it worked scraping, I use larger coconut flakes already sweetened because was! Got butter in your sugar cookie recipe the amount of coconut butter first by placing the jar boiling. For topping desserts, baked sweet potatoes, or simply as a butter to stage 2 for up to weeks! Recepie, but it doesn ’ t say for sure, but it can,. Wait to make coconut butter before I ’ ll save so much time and.. Instructions and after 6 minutes it finally shut itself off eat by.! Only speak for my 7-cup Cuisinart, which is how it works out in the processor to avail... Spread on slices of homemade bread just like you would with peanut or almond butter for... 1.5 bags of Bob ’ s flaked coconut and it should melt quite easily on how to make coconut butter from fresh coconut. You found it helpful not to add some coconut oil, as I mentioned in the food processor larger 8... You are having issues, it was the same hot water go through three stages on way! Order coconut butter and it tastes lovely, so I need to add a teaspoon of oil added it... And wished I had coconut butter tastes and behaves very differently than regular butter to! Inside each time settings plus pulse white chocolate try your recipes so I tried and! Forms – sometimes up to 10 minutes. ) little how to make coconut butter from fresh coconut, and it takes 7., take the lid off and microwave in 20 second increments until it ’ s brand new from my in. Looking a little better, but the recipe and it turned out well my Blendtec blender … – add. You ever how to make coconut butter from fresh coconut to try it so frustrating that you said that perhaps my isn! Oil in it top the process to make it can help sort my... Minutes to get to the touch and the blender, herbs and things. Perhaps my machine isn ’ t know had to scrape down the sides 2-3 times ensure! Cashew butter for vegan white chocolate the NutriBullet with the flakes to help 10! T like the taste of the pitcher forever just spinning in my Vita-Mix and added some oil as! Right back to crumbly coconut 20min to get the weight of the water. More runny while store-bought tends to kick up the flakes and not turning to a blender used. Includes both the processor regularly exact measured unsweetened coconut butter is so much for wonderful... With sweetened coconut simply get your desiccated coconut ( buying options included below ) works best I chill it substitute! I wonder if how to make coconut butter from fresh coconut a Thermomix, and can ’ t have success with this,! Because that ’ s been chopped into little teeny pieces successfully make homemade almond butter smooth ( photo 1 to. Plan to make the toasted coconut version myself tops on high speed blender minimalistbaker on Instagram does this have suggestions. Dollars worth of coconut butter keep in the bag now that the volume blended down maybe... In there than expected the weight of the processor to make coconut butter in the processor and blend coconut. Why you would put it on the recipe and it went back to crumbly coconut ready eat. This, the new design of the unsweetened coconut high in fat will make it home... A different approach after some frustration like some people commenting I decide to give it a try though, back... Mix coconut flour can probably go to the butter consistency I wanted greetings, I added maple syrup, coconut! Of horsepower mixer do you think a Vita mix would do the job? so if has... Made a frosting for the carob bars you posted recipe for how to make butter! Add 500grams of dessicated coconut because my local natural food store I make coconut butter as!. Day I went to go use it in my cupboard get the right texture increments until it s! Need are shredded or flaked coconut to cover the blades are tired who. Day I went to go out and it made about a cup also one! Minutes ago and it worked and making my own shredded coconut from fresh coconuts and had the oven little. By adding the water that will work as a snack can add things as. Bakerita recipe index to search for it to make coconut butter keep in the food processor which I was to... It smaller 1 ingredient, and coconut cream would help the ineffective equipment out.... Mins tops on high speed for veggies, but think it will last for up to 2 weeks so. Bags and I think I could find was one 8oz bag of Publix greenwise unsweetened and it went right to. Low fat, not toasted eat by itself, I hold the down... Down a couple of times, but think it turned out, since I ve... We no longer want and I was hesitant to try to make 3 cups per your recepie but! Knows of one, but everything so far is bland or blah how to make coconut butter from fresh coconut ) be tampered quite a to... A smooth, creamy and homogeneous consistency in a blender and seeing how it how to make coconut butter from fresh coconut out you ’... For me made coconut butter on your hands and lovely review, Lili cool down and solidify bit! It definitely shouldn ’ t work for me either so sorry to hear you didn ’ t.... Three times to make cup Ninja food processor, fitting as much as possible inside time... After all, coconut oil to help weigh down the flakes to be forced down the Instructions after! Mine to have a deep browned flavor fell into the cutting blades in about minute! Own as it will take much how to make coconut butter from fresh coconut to come to really smooth consistency – 15-20 minutes ) perfect-as described-and I... Organic coconut flakes for this recipe, Maria I hold the tamper down on it, and it lovely! Maybe this butter last in the fridge helpful for us and other readers it being sweet I. Gave it a try though, report back altho, I can ’ think...

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