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2020 3# package bees for sale // Thank you to everyone who was a part of our 2020 Bee Sales Season. Beekeeping Services & Products. We are sold out for 2020 NUCS and PACKAGES. A 3# package of live bees ships in a screened/ventilated box. Marked queens with 3lb Package order +$10.00 to package prices! We will again be offering Package Bees and Queens from several producers in the Glenn County area of Northern California. A nuc (or nucleus) colony is an already thriving colony of bees with a mated, marked queen and 5 deep frames of honey, pollen, and brood. Here at Lappe's Bee Supply, we promote successful beekeeping by offering the highest quality beekeeping supplies, the best live honey bees and queen bees around, and a ton of bee keeping 101 knowledge to all beekeepers! Weather permitting, the bee packages will tentatively be … Keeping bees alive is much easier when you take our Online Ultimate Beekeeping Course. With Lappe's Bee Supply, you can be confident that you are getting the best bees and beekeeping supplies around! We have had the pleasure of working with OHB for 15 years and supplying the intermountain area with a superior, quality honey bees. Pick-up only. It's up to you! If you are searching for where to buy honey bees for sale near me, or buy honey bees online, Lappe's Bee Supply is your answer! If you live in colder climates and do not want your bees shipped in early spring, please make a note on your order… Beekeeping Supplies in Wisconsin. Bees For Sale 2# & 3# Packages for 2020 . Please contact us at 800-880-7694 for help. For more than a decade Queen Right Colonies has had a long-lasting relationship with Olivarez Honey Bees, producers of premium package bees and queens. The bees are the same type of bees we use ourselves in some of our host a hive customer locations due to the gentle temperament of the bees, high winter survival rate, great honey production and consistent excellent health of these bees on arrival over the years. Sort by. HONEY BEES FOR SALE - 2020 PACKAGE BEES FOR SALE, Bee Hive Installation, Sales, Management, San Diego, Orange County, Riverside Learn about beekeeping, 28 years Experience as a Beekeeper ECO-FRIENDLY The Saskatraz project was initiated in 2004 with the intent of establishing a genetically diverse gene pool to breed for honey production, mite tolerance and resistance to brood diseases. Our packages contain approximately three pounds of gentle, Italian honey bees and a naturally mated Italian queen! Mated Queens and Queen Cells for Sale. [CDATA[ We have package bees for sale for the 2019 bee season with multiple dates available. Do not bother to weigh packages as any reference to weight is really about the cage size. of bees which include nurse bees, forager bees, guard bees, and drone bees. Bee keepers love us because we source bees from the best apiaries in the North East where the highest quality bees are found, and offer them at very competitive prices. We are happy to fill orders of any size! Zone 5 would be shipped at your own risk. Our Locations. ABOUT US. 2020 3# PACKAGE BEES FOR SALE. We provide NH beekeepers with the highest quality 5 frame Nuc package with a northern queen for sale. Bees. We are able to offer you bees in 5-frame Nucleus, more advanced Full-Size Colonies or our Package bees. //

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