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MENU MENU. �̛��N�#տ����/���\��1����~����_�OI�sUU������;����T�N_}��+^������P�E�k�/P� ��l����p-Qa� h�bbd```b``� "V�H� Project Description. All meals are prepared in Meals on Wheels commissary by a staff of talented chefs. Review the current month's meal menu. February Menu & Newsletter. Meals on Wheels News: July 2020. June Menu & Newsletter. << /Length 5 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> Willits Senior Center – COVID Updated Services. 7/6/20 7/7/20 7/8/20 7/9/20 7/10/20. Thursday, Dec 3 Chicken Patty Black Eyed Peas *Collard Greens w/Onions & Bacon Banana Have a Meal Delivered – Call 459-6826 to Schedule Meals on Wheels Delivered meals – $5.50 per meal. December 2020 Meals On Wheels Menu. 12/17/2020 Due to inclement weather, Meals On Wheels will be closed today Thursday 12/17/20. MEALS ON WHEELS Union County, New Jersey. 2020 August Menu; 2020 JULY MENU; 2020 JUNE MENU And for the tax paying public, Meals on Wheels saves valuable financial resources. Meals on Wheels of Northwest Indiana Statement on COVID-19. No salt is added during Meals on Wheels People menus follow the Heart Health Diet, which is appropriate for most dietary needs, including those who need low-sodium, low-cholesterol or diabetic meals. Two Ways to Get A Meal 1. Placement in a state funded nursing facility costs the taxpayer over $40,000 per placement. CALIFORNIA BLEND*+ CORN NIBLETS +HOLIDAY. �@$R����9��5����U-#��8Q�)��o�����qe,���NC"�b.���Ê��^?�h��"4�`���_�I�?��%���k(U81[>��� v�b�^�=��:�O��y�{'��N�̈́p�ը�5������r�oY��zN��q�U;�%ﯡ��@��3��3fth �V�邮�f��]2��z���tN`3��O���a��aɨ�jDV �Hd�m�`,q�r�����. For more information or questions, please call Rebecca Behnke […] Gina Raimondo Launches 2020 March for Meals Campaign If you are interested in learning more about this service for seniors living in Cass County, please contact us at 701-293-1440 or toll-free at 877-827-1916. To Go Meals – $5 thru December 2020 – Thanks to FEMA and the Community Foundation. Menus are planned by a registered dietician. NO MEAL DELIVERY THURSDAY 12/17/2020. Our Meal Schedule. We will not publish a monthly menu at this time, but have sample menus below to give you an idea about the variety we deliver. December Menu & Newletter. JULY 2020 Meals on Wheels Menu. May Menu & Newsletter. 0 Meals on Wheels San Diego County offers the choice of one or two nutritious meals for seven days a week, including holidays. Donate Now; Become a Sustaining Donor; Legacy Giving April Menu & Newsletter. Donate Now; Become a Sustaining Donor; Legacy Giving Meals on Wheels is designed for older adults who are home-bound and unable to prepare meals for themselves. Menu may be subject to change. September Menu & Newsletter. Wednesday, March 4 *Chef Salad w/Ham, Turkey, Hard Boiled Egg & Tomatoes over Romaine Lettuce Tuesday, March 3 *Ham and Turkey /WG Sub Roll Lettuce, Tomato & Onion Calico Salad Pears. (612) 623-3363. Meals on Wheels of Northwest Indiana (MOWNWI) takes the safety of their staff, volunteers, and clients seriously. Meals on Wheels Collin County ... Mandarin Orange Cup Fig Bar Rice with peas & carrots Peach cup Graham Crackers in July and 5 shelf stable meals in ... December 21-25: six months to keep menu offerings fresh Meals on Wheels is closed. Search for: Recent Posts. $8.00 Per Meal Meals Include Soup and Dessert If you would like an extra protein circle "P" ($2.50) To order or cancel a meal please call 604-793-7242 Hot Menu Nov - Jan Frozen Menu Nov - Jan MOWSF thanks you for your understanding and patience during this period of transition! %PDF-1.3 For more information or questions, please call … Lorraine’s Soup Kitchen and Pantry: Lorraine’s has resumed its evening meal program.Takeout meals are available Monday through Friday from 4 to 6 p.m. Non-Discrimination Policy Statement for Programs and Services Meals on Wheels San Diego County, has a policy of non-discrimination in all programs and services.No one shall be excluded on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, religion, age, marital status, veteran and military status or disability unless required by the eligibility guidelines for services. Posted July 30, 2020 Starting September 1, 2020, The Wooden Nickel will be offering Senior Dining and Home Delivered Meals. SJCS meals provide 3 oz of protein, 2 servings of fruit/vegetables, whole-grain baked product, dessert, and milk. 824 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<24877DACE895454DBE4797AA2BE62A17><1374BD01176B414A8A233435A42A2916>]/Index[799 42]/Info 798 0 R/Length 120/Prev 175162/Root 800 0 R/Size 841/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream March Menu & Newsletter. Tuesday, Dec 1 Sliced Turkey & Gravy Mashed Potatoes California Blend Rice Pudding W/ Raisins Whole Wheat Roll. Meals on Wheels July 2020 48 Hours’ Notice Required to Place or Cancel Meals. Soft and vegetarian meals are also available. Meals On Wheels Menu – December 2020 HCS 2020-11-24T12:33:47-05:00. Deliveries are made by caring volunteers between 10:45 am and 1:30 pm. %��������� stream October MENU & NEWSLETTER. FUMC Alvord July 1, 2020 Church News & Events, News. 7/1/20 7/2/20 7/3/20. November Menu & Newsletter. Sunday meals are delivered on Saturday. Meals on Wheels is a valuable lifeline for many people who have difficulty advocating for themselves. March 2020 Meals on Wheels Cold Menu – No Cold Menu for May. Meals on Wheels Takes Festival of Meals Annual Fundraiser Virtual; Thank You Volunteers; MOWRI Announces New Board Members, Officer Slate for 2020-2021; Gov. Donate. Below this month’s schedule is the archive of past schedules for you to look at our variety of meals! Click to Download This Month’s Menu. VIEW OUR MONTHLY MENUS (.PDF) November 2020 December 2020 The SJCS menu is developed through the combined efforts of the dietitian from our licensed kitchen and the SJCS registered dietitian. July 2020 Main Meal Menu; Approved by Juliane Steenkamer, M.S.,R.D. c>����1�_�ƌTA����{��1�������w:w��ϣ��#������S����JV���8Pǖv��|+�0}F��WA����rLz��Z��3��##�d��h��|�h�s�H��$3ZfN�3#�3�x2@f�c� f������F�p�Q��h#|ֳ���e�/y���c�|�B�9�z:��v|�����K@z��Z���t���1P��t�� �6���·?�>��`�HC_��>��OT���eӏ�tA�8���>�u�NC5t4�7j���#�C�}w�6H����Ew�xd�{׆?^� �N����"�2mP[�'t=.�^��K�NM5�Ǧ�&T% �j�t�pu��g���1 Meals meet 1/3 of the daily nutrition requirements for older adults. h�b``�```��������A��X����500� ABOUT HCS. �8�b�h "�p20�,��@, e�gr\�wC��lG��V�ibG�-�_�(>�����q������4��2�B,�b`*�Ҍ@�f`*W` ;N��$Q�� endstream endobj 800 0 obj <. December 2020 November 2020 October 2020 September 2020 August 2020 July 2020 June 2020 May 2020 April 2020 March 2020 February 2020 January 2020 301 E. 8th Street Suite 110 Michigan City, Indiana 46360 Phone: 219-872-9117 The Grant is targeted for PVI’s Meals on Wheels… Read more and appealing. %%EOF Two people are needed on the following dates in August: Thursday, August 6, 13, 20, 27. July Menu & Newsletter. RECEIVES $20,000 GRANT FROM THE SAN BRUNO COMMUNITY FOUNDATION Menlo Park, CA- JANUARY, 2020: Peninsula Volunteers, Inc. (PVI) is pleased to announce that it has received a $20,000 grant from the San Bruno Community Foundation Community Grants Program. ɲ,n I���`� D�Łٕ`����ۀH�`�6D��M��>`�t�$c�F�d�} ,�D����͢��ׁ�20R������'� ak Pick Up a To Go Meal – 12:00 pm thru 1:00 pm 2. 2020-JULY-MENU.pdf. NOVEMBER 2020 to JANUARY 2021. 4590 Concord Beaumont, TX 77703 Phone: 409-892-4455 Fax: 409-892-0443 info@seniormeals.org. PUR �0 x�]۶�q}���OY��g����ᰧ���G8��B�n(l�h��M7�����s�^����ݹj��������n���f�c۴���Wo�6������Ϟ�����o�kn�ٌ�v��<2����y��˱i�H�^��~���\OO��S�qǦϟ�t��g��w�燹ۻ��o������K�q�c����]1.HP���$c/��sdK�}��H_��[ŗ�N�q8Y����Y.�*{�DV���co#'�LG��:R��)}�(� �é[�W)*�@����:1hw}�0,��h���ϟ��QR-��R`���"��Go�D.�P�$8$G8�L;b �;��f����ԃ�U�Ir���n9i"�8^�����\��x,q��!s��&�@��JtRL%K��.��$ZA�{�R�����Y:,}|]MչoZ��v?�ѥO���v��z ��H���%�rR��TG�F�‰�(^}���~8q��L}u����Thq�� 2,��jG}"E�a�YY�����n������,\Ѭt��Yx�� 2020 Meals on Wheels Menu Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday July 27-31 Potato and kale Honey garlic chicken stir fry with rice Peaches Beef barley Fish cakes and tartar sauce, potato triangles, carrots Ambrosia salad Split pea Roast beef and gravy, mashed potato, beets Tres Leche cake Mushroom soup Sausage, hash brown casserole, mixed Fargo Meals on Wheels: December 2020 Fargo Menu January 2021 Fargo Menu West Fargo Meals on Wheels: Help is needed to help deliver on the following dates: Thursday, July 9, and Thursday, July 23. Here is what Meals On Wheels, Inc. of Tarrant County is serving this month for Breakfast and Lunch. LOGIN endstream endobj startxref Wednesday, Dec 2 Crab Cake Broccoli Pesto Rice Pineapple & Melon Salad Whole Wheat Roll. %PDF-1.6 %���� January Menu & Newsletter Menu. Click on the menu item to view nutritional information for that meal. Thrift Store Now Open Donate. 840 0 obj <>stream North Shore Meals on Wheels is part of a network of services that works to ensure clients can maintain their independence and remain in their homes. BREAD BREAD FRUIT COCKTAIL+ MANDARIN ORANGES + MARGARINE MARGARINE MILK MILK MILK. h�@�P](�酶N�T �;��J���O���LiO|莿2=d��4�@��B:d��7��E��U�]EYO_��5Q�������u�;���ri�u_� �6M7u���RM����]�T��b�Sh December 2020. Download Menu as PDF. MENU~July 2020 Breakfast served from 8:00 am ~ 1:00 pm • Lunch served from 11:00 am ~ 1:00 pm The Dining Room is now accepting Debit, Credit, Cash or LSCO Gift Cards Non-Members add 15% • Menu subject to change without notice ★ Sandwich & Salad Special Changes Daily ~ See Menu Board in Dining Room ☠Through the program, a volunteer delivers a meal directly to the senior’s door. Monday, March 2 Sliced Roast Beef 2 Slices Rye Bread Coleslaw Pineapple. The cost to deliver Meals on Wheels to one senior for one year is $2,000. Currently, volunteers deliver meals to an average of 600 people a day in our service area. (612) 623-3363. Posted July 30, 2020 Starting September 1, 2020, The Wooden Nickel will be offering Senior Dining and Home Delivered Meals. August Menu & Newsletter. Hot meals are locally prepared fresh on a daily basis and meet the recommended dietary guidelines. TERIYAKI PORK BBQ CHICKEN QUARTERS RICE PILAF MASHED POTATOES*CLOSED FOR 4TH OF JULY. FeedMore's Meals on Wheels (804) 673-5035 *Important Policy* * Be home between 11:00 a.m.- 1:30 p.m. Monday - Friday to receive your meals. We are continually monitoring the COVID-19 developments and adjusting procedures continually to address concerns and increase safety measures. 799 0 obj <> endobj All meals include 1% milk. 4 0 obj Meals on Wheel of Long Beach was founded in 1971 by Soroptimist International of Long Beach Meals on Wheels of Long Beach would like offer a special thanks … Meals on Wheels: 5 home delivered meals per week for homebound residents 60 and over and their caregivers.Please contact West Mass Elder Care @ 413-538-9020 to learn more. MENU MENU.

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