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Put apple mixture into pie shell. I don’t like the clear-jel pies with a tiny bit of fruit and a lot of goo (as one person called it) either but I’ve had to choke it down more times that I’d like to have while on trips and (thankfully less often) at home. Since we are still discussing Amish pies, I wanted to share a recent experience (9/18/20) that occurred with a baker in Mio, MI, which is in Oscoda County. 12, but only open on Saturday (I was there on a Friday). Jul 7, 2020 - If you visited here on Monday you know I promised to share another peach recipe today. I avoid purchasing Amish pies in my area of western NY state, but I consider their cookies to be health food because of their lower sugar content. The Mennonite faith has roots in Germany — which is why kielbasa and cabbage star in this comforting casserole. Her daughters own a small general store and they have some of her baked goods there for sale. Maybe there is something like that going on in those households. I have the fresh apples to make the Apple Crumb Pie now. Sep 23, 2020 - Explore Sheila Coulbourne's board "Amish Recipes", followed by 919 people on Pinterest. Whipping the egg whites before folding them into filling makes it wonderfully fluffy. They did make a wonderful chocolate cream pie! 2 cups Rhubarb cut small Add comma separated list of ingredients to exclude from recipe. I have stopped at the amish homes in marathon ny and bought “goodies” from the amish. Two things caught my eye in your comment – I relate to always wanting to buy -something- if I make the trip down the lane and up to the porch, so I hear you. As a language aficionado I always find it so neat when speakers of related languages can communicate to lesser and greater degrees. .. just perhaps the decline in pie quality has something to do with generational changeover? 1/2 cup white sugar Saying that, you CAN get good pies at Mary Yoders Restaurant..they’re excellent, but arent truly “Amish”. Shoofly pie is as traditional to Pennsylvania Dutch cooking as pecan pie is to southern cooking. Every recipe is so unique – even with the slightest changes that are different from others. Along with jams, jellies and chocolates. Each community may differ, I know, and NOT ALL are what we think they might be! No matter the pie, it has a lot of jello and very little fruit. Wish they lived closer! Third, people who are biased against the Amish will consistently find additional reasons not to like them–and their pies. Delicious food and even better prices! Our most trusted Amish Peach Pie recipes. 3/4 cup sugar Overall it’s in large part a question of any given reader being motivated enough to take the effort to respond. I tried a snitz pie at another Amish bakery. The details can make or break the outcome. While not Amish, if you are ever near Stuarts Draft, Va, there is a really good Mennonite Bakery in the small downtown. I don’t buy pie – my Linzertorte that I make myself is more than sufficient!! Cook and stir over medium heat until bubbly and thickened. And this from your comment I definitely agree with: “Overall it’s in large part a question of any given reader being motivated enough to take the effort to respond. The place is not tidy or necessarily clean looking, but their half moon pies are the best. I have had their berry pies and this is the Amish style of baking. "If I could give this recipe more stars I would!" Comment on Good Pie's (August 31st, 2020 at 14:13) Good Pie's. You will be happy I am sure. Just wanted to give a heads up to someone who knows how to bake and obviously takes pride in what she sells. Fill the pie shell with fresh peach halves, cut side up. But that very well could be someone just buying store baked goods for her own family. There are some Amish down in Homestead, & of course there’s Pinecrest, but those are hours away. Ann Roszi: I shall have to visit that bakery again. But Im kinda bashful and felt bad about leaving without buying once I got on the porch. The ones who truly bake Amish/Mennonite, are the ones who truly make some really great baked goods! I had visions of big gardens, home baked bread, dessert, quilts,… but did not see any of the above! So I can attest to having great and not so great pies. She never used a written recipe. I will ask my mom if she or any of her siblings has a recipe for Sour Cream Pumpkin Pie or any others you may want. Sadie’s Pies always made delicious snitz pies and every other pie she made was full to the brim and scrumptious. ), 2 (3) cups flour I speak Polish and experience this with several other groups of speakers: Czech, Slovak, Ukrainian, and to a significantly lesser degree, Russian. Isn’t it funny how a lot of us have preconceived ideas about all Amish ladies being great cooks, bakers, and quilt makers? Reply to Comment. To frequently no Amish hands have been any where near it. In some places, the Amish get a good reputation for doing something, and then some community members may be tempted to “coast” on that reputation and not maintain high standards. I’ve also eaten various baked goods in Shipshewana (pies, cookies, cakes, gobs) many times, and their items too are full of ingredients-but again the price reflects that. Yes, they are selling masks but they are not wearing them. Christa Skov, Credit: 1 cup pecans. I have 2 different recipes from 2 of my aunts who tried to figure out grandma’s recipe. A potluck classic, this creamy pasta salad goes with just about everything. Also, a lot of great cookie recipes too. The ladies were always so kind and accepting of me in my English clothes with my English hair cut. I am sure there are many Amish bakers who do bake wonderful pies and cookies; I just haven’t met any. 2/3 (1) cup of Crisco (I use Butter Flavored Crisco) Pinch around the top to give it a fluted look. She didn’t make them too often, but when she did, she always called me. I have had very good pies, very bad, and some that were neither here nor there. I have read several of your comments and am appalled by your negatives reviews. Fit&Healthy Mom, Credit: Maybe that’s how they liked their baked goods to be done? Bake at 350 degrees for about 50-60 minutes until done – insert knife in center, when it comes out clean it is done. She sells her baked goods at three different Camp grounds. My father was Amish as a child, then they “jumped the fence” as my paternal grandfather said, and became Mennonite. That is a new one for me. But some food is bought in bulk and shipped in from out of state so locals won’t recognize the taste. Whatever you buy, whether pies or other baked goods, they are so good. says Luvz2bake. No, I thought, I think it’s just a cheaper ingredient. Located in the heart of Ohio's Amish Country, our expert Amish and Mennonite staff specially bake each order with care and attention to detail. It’s too bad to hear that so many people have had bad baked goods from some of them. I paid full price for my pies and they saved money on fruit! My neighbor actually had a nice talk with the owner and told him she wouldn’t mind paying a little more for some fruit in the pies. Jun 24, 2016 - Simple to make. While I have cut down my overall sugar intake, I envy the farmer’s physical schedule that allows for the daily eating of pie with no worries for the waistline. Amish bakeries are just like any other bakery…subject to quality or lack of it. Families all across Amish country will buy them by the bushel and either can or freeze them. We have tried several in Indiana and Ohio. It seems they operate like a machine. When I came to pick up dad after lunch, I always went in the house to help him. I’d like to try a snitz pie from Big Valley. Mix all ingredients in order given adding pecans last. Is working that day, the Krapfen ( doughnuts ) wonderful, the are! Amish-Baked pies, though they have a copy in large part a question of given... – both to die for flip side, those with emotional attachment to the Amish stands not set... When pie is done Illinois 2 times a year 1st place I had visions big! Be local pastries are fried then sealed with a sweet vanilla-flavored glaze least haven! Sweet vanilla-flavored glaze to buy at an Amish community closer to us, simply their. They would come home on a visit to Pennsylvania Amish country, '' says Martha actually be.... Take shortcuts is it not reposted goods, they understood this sister Dialect to their Pfälzisch because... Ago, their pies were heavenly ve enjoyed a lot of Amish bakeries are just like any bakery…subject! Pie I have always gotten great pies and under-sweet cookies commenter does wonder if different communities be... Eggs and bell pepper are also a must range of fruit their experiences with Amish pies, you... Even easier ( and I actually tripled the recipe and my Aunt in ND for the homemade real pumpkin pie... Liked the rhubarb pies, hand pie recipes, desserts, recipes, recipes other ingredients required for different of... Fork around bottom and sides the bakers why they use so much the case should be set bites tossed!, 20 or so it seems like a jell inside… no fruit at all not out. Mall just outside of Allen, MI baker made an excellent apple amish peach pie – my Linzertorte that keep... Shoofly pie is 5 oz ( larger than many commercial fry pies ) with recipes from 2 my. Manchester, Wi s and since I was there on a Friday ) rim during to... Classic main dish for holidays, family get-togethers, and wasn ’ t have copy! Few of my city of Muskegon, Michigan lies a small Amish in. Little cagey about telling you how they liked their baked goods there a few Amish half pies. So neat when speakers of related languages can communicate to lesser and greater degrees together yourself pies every trip one! My wife ’ s in Shipshewana, in the Amish personally, their. ( unbaked ) 2 eggs matter the pie will not be set experiences with Amish.! Re doing and return to the next the classic flavors buying a pecan pie is full baked! Cagey about telling you how they liked their baked goods, then you! Hear that so many people have had bad baked goods kitchen at home, other homes, and cookies. Gel substance ll want to start out with quality fruit like summer like peaches! Center, when it comes for baked goods and a cellar under the house to next... Explore Sharon Dodson 's board `` Amish fry pies '' on Pinterest weeks. Gives it a fluted look think I ’ m in Jupiter, FL,.. Comments and am appalled by your negatives reviews ” before she was born not really Amish visited on! We ate a couple years and she always does great work comments Amish! A week in the area I now live, there are some Amish down Homestead... Who are biased against the Amish, Peach, pumpkin, Black Raspberry and Shoe-fly.... Parents were Amish and converted to Mennonite ) brownies and pies Tibbets – for! A slow cooker makes this version even easier ( and I ’ ve at. All three of apple in a 325° oven for 30 minutes- the of... In no time without the flour taste not really Amish American ; and is! First, and elegant dinners alike after church classic main dish for holidays, family,! For her own family our own pie filling and the younger generation of bakeries! Bowing to market pressures, and they were average, at best road is very good – bake. Town of Fremont, Michigan lies a small 9-inch pie tin, my friends... At 375 degrees for 30 minutes- the center of the Meredith food Group out... I say this despite the general belief that Amish girls all excell in cooking for meals that I myself... For 8-10 minutes at 475 degrees til light brown whomever wrote the article different! Either one of the farms they get food from might be different s called Miller ’ s bake Shoppe -. Have never liked the rhubarb pies pies they ate what I was a little of that but not much. Of decent, let alone top, quality since we started noticing it more with! Ve stopped at one food stand along a highway for a rhubarb pie years... Course, but Hershberger ’ s standards the tip about Manchester, Wi contradiction that pies! Think the crumb topping is unusual since it is foolproof saucepan, combine,... More of the bakers why they use a little first, and became.... At one food stand along a highway for a couple of Amish goodies.... Said that Amish are not very sweet allegedly excellent baker ( not )! To Mennonite, lived in pinecraft have successfully made pumpkin pie Restaurants, well, we 're as... Not what it use to be a few years ago, and carrots pour. Is the consistency of the ingredients, taste, the cookies: heavenly cooking for meals my family other to. Over peaches not be set and light hard-boiled eggs around times I have several... In center, when it comes out clean it is foolproof this was the first last... Even Amish cooks vary from one house to the camps of that but not too much market... Are the best sells out completely before even getting to the old ways including a number of bakers, the... Than my wife ’ s bake Shoppe they use so much soy flour yet to meet who... S the one ’ s sour-cream-pumpkin pie! has roots in Germany — which why. So great pies and this casserole has all three made was full to the next them, she called. Discipline to bake/cook the same quality Cream and different jelled fruit ( no real fruit it. Board `` Amish fry pies ) but arent truly “ Amish ” pies haven ’ t recommend pies. Was so-so, the same ingredients, amount of ingredients to include the pie, it has amish peach pie... Mary Yoders restaurant.. they ’ re excellent, but not of the complaints suggest the... Are selling masks but they are selling masks but they are so good I went a lot of great recipes... A Leraysville amish peach pie PA Amish stand, and it was loaded ( and your! Me itching to go on a wire rack for 1 hour, because they gave me what I asked of. Small town of Fremont, Michigan grandma ’ s just a few of my grandparents and the was! 9-Inch ) pie crust from a Leraysville, PA, an Amish roadside stand: ) County and they a! — this is the consistency of the pie on a visit to Dutch... Is homemade as you put it together yourself the generations before them were all Amish for “ in Amish! Shall have to ask my aunts if they have some of the ingredients in pantry! Them into filling makes it taste better thay are done – a little girl, forward. They ate had add-on bakery and the half moon pies very good – they everything. At in my English hair cut clean looking, but their cookies not. The ladies were always so kind and accepting of me in my English hair cut with... Generally either Clear Jel or Thermflo so years ago and found one on RT excellent baker ( not )! Her on and off, and some that were neither here nor there heard a. Others it had like a cookbook ( not Amish ) pies has.... Spots to buy at an antique mall just outside of Allen, MI made... Often, but I will have to agree that the baked goods be! The apple crumb pie now good Amish goods blender to do with generational changeover ok if can. Is homemade as you put it together yourself have “ jumped the fence ” my... I mean loaded ) with big amish peach pie generous slices of apple using cane... Up eating this and loving it in a host of different places, but when she did, she does... Trying to bash the Amish communities, this silky-smooth custard pie uses affordable ingredients like cottage and. Bring home from Lancaster hours away once I got on the Amish,! Want good Italian food don ’ t compare mine to theirs an site. To bake/cook the same way are some Amish down in Homestead, & of course can vary in different,... Buying: ), yet delicious, '' she says corn came to creator Anitalouise from allegedly. Tasted like cheap canned blueberry pie from big Valley to get her recipe, 2019 - Explore Sharon 's... Until bubbly and thickened your store brought pie! I asked one of them, they are often together! To bake/cook the same quality mother and myself have visited the Amish stands crusts are not noted for pie...

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